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Signatures on HHS Web Sites

Document Type: Standard


Images of an original official signature should not be displayed, especially on a publicly accessible Web site.

The proper way to indicate an official signature for a document on a Web site (when there is a requirement that a signature be displayed) is the S-signature, a signature inserted between forward slash marks.  See example below in the Requirements section.


Signatures on the Web are risky. Regardless of the display format (HTML, PDF, etc.), signatures carry the risk of identity theft and of misuse.  


The preferred S-signature must consist only of letters, or Arabic numerals, or both, with appropriate spaces and commas, periods, apostrophes, or hyphens for punctuation. The S-signature must be inserted with a first single forward slash mark before, and a second single forward slash mark after, the S-signature (e.g., /Dr. James T. Jones, III/).

Signature Type


S-Signature between forward slashes, with name below

/John T. Smith/
John T Smith


Please Note: This guidance is for Web site display purposes only where it is important to indicate an official signature has been obtained. Electronic submissions of applications or other documentation for HHS business purposes (i.e., grants, official reports, FDA drug approvals, etc.) have different requirements for electronic submission. Follow those specific instructions carefully for the successful submission of required documentation.