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Requiring New Icon with Automated Kill Feature

Document Type: Standard


HHS may use the standard "New" icon to direct site visitors to new or temporal content. If used. the "New" icon must be removed after 10 business days or when flagged content becomes dated, whichever comes first. For sites that utilize the HHS Web content management system, the removal of the icon should be automated.

"New" icons are found in the Image & Icon Library http://www.hhs.gov/web/library/index.html.


"New" markers on Web pages greatly enhance usability by drawing a users attention to fresh, important content. Credibility is reduced, however, when content marked as new is significantly out of date.


Place the “New” icon so that it precedes the text announcement. The icon’s size should not be adjusted. (It should remain at 50x24.) The icon should also have the alt tag read: New content. This icon should be removed 10 days after posting. Icon available at this website.