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Skip Navigation

Document Type: Standard


All HHS pages must provide a method for skipping repetitive navigation. The skip navigation must be available to screen readers and have keyboard access.


Sighted users are able to scan a page and quickly select a section of the page to read. Unless “Skip Navigation” is provided, persons with assistive technology (screen reader, etc.) must “read” every link on the page before selecting a section of the page to read.

Providing a method of skipping through sections of navigation will allow those using assistive technologies to navigate the main content of the page.


Every page with repetitive navigation must provide a method of skipping the navigation and providing a link to the main content area.
The skip navigation element should be the first element after the opening body element.

Pages with multiple navigation sections don’t need “skip navigation” to other navigation sections but should provide a method of skipping directly to the main content area.

Skip navigation text does not need to be visible to sighted users.

Skip navigation must be recognized by keyboard controls.