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Presenting Links to Materials in Multiple Languages

Document Type: Standard


When foreign language content is available, HHS must present links to this material on its menu pages (i.e., the homepage) and content pages. Furthermore, links to foreign language materials must be presented in their language (for example, En Español, not In Spanish). However, if you need to accommodate both non-English and English speakers (i.e., those who need to find information for a non-English speaking patient or family member), then provide the non-English version in parenthesis.  For example: French (Français).  View the “Requirements” section below for format. 


Usability testing has found that users searching for information in multiple languages prefer to find all versions grouped together on a Web site.  On document or content pages, users also expect to find what versions are available for themselves, colleagues, or patients and the public.


Link text (title of document) should be in the language as the content of the document.

Another option is to have a clickable option En Español; when the person clicks on it, the web site is made available in Spanish

Example:  Healthy Heart

               Also available en Español, Français, Tiếng Việt

On menu pages—such as the homepage and second-tier pages—present both English and foreign language links together.  

On content/document pages, provide all available language versions under the document title or in a consistent location on a Web page.